What is Paid Leave?

Everyone is going to need to take time off work, but most of us can’t afford to go without pay while welcoming a new child, caring for a seriously ill family member, or recovering yourself. That’s why we’re fighting for paid family leave.


Here’s Why:

Unpaid time off

3-in-10 Louisiana voters have faced a great deal or some hardship as a result of taking unpaid time off to address a family or medical issue.

family caregiver

More than 3/4 of family caregivers report incurring out-of-pocket caregiving costs that amount to an average of, about 20% of the average family caregiver’s income.

family caregiver

The average family caregiver over age 50 who leaves the labor force to care for a parent loses nearly $304,000 in wages, Social Security, and private pensions. For women that penalty is closer to $324,000.

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The reality is, a great number of us will need to take time away from work to care of a loved one or for ourselves during our careers. And yet, the US is one of three developed nations in the world without a federal paid leave policy. Supporting paid leave is an easy way to help working families when they need it most, and I urge Louisiana’s legislators to work together to make paid leave the law of the land.
— Sharonda Williams: President, Independent Women’s Organization New Orleans

Louisiana’s children often start off behind the national average on some key health markers, with higher than average pre-term birth rates and babies born with low birth weight. Ensuring parents have the ability to spend those early weeks at home can help our more vulnerable children thrive.
— Kim Carver: Senior Vice President, Human Resources Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company

Movement on paid leave in Congress is critical so that businesses, workers, parents, and caregivers have a chance to voice their concerns about the balance of work and family in our country.
— Anna Mahoney | Director of Research and Administrative Assistant Professor of Women’s Political Leadership | Newcomb College Institute | Tulane University