Sherae’s Experience

New Orleans, LA

When I had spinal surgery I was anxious about so many things and had a very short amount of time to prepare. I had to make sure my 3 kids were taken care of which meant sending them out of state to stay with their Grandparents while I recovered, and I had to make sure things at home were left manageable for my husband since the doctors told me I literally could not move around for weeks. The one thing I didn’t have to worry about was being able to still contribute to my household by bringing home a paycheck. Being able to take paid medical leave and use the entire 12 weeks relieved a ton of stress from me and my husband and allowed me to focus on my health and my recovery.

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Amy’s Experience

Denham Springs, LA

When my daughter Virginia was only 3 months old, she needed surgery to repair her heart. We had to have her surgery at a hospital in Houston, where she stayed for the following 3 months to recover. Every time my fiancé and I wanted to be with her, we had to drive 5 hours to and from our home in Denham Springs. All I wanted was to be by her side but I didn’t have access to paid family leave through my employer. I used every last bit of my vacation, and it still wasn’t enough. Thankfully, Virginia is a toddler now and is doing great. Even though she is back at home with me, my family is still struggling with all of the expenses related to traveling to and from Houston during her recovery, and on top of that we had to pay for the insurance my company offers so that we could keep it during this time.

At some point down the line, Virginia will need another surgery, and I’ll need to take more time off, but I still don’t have any paid family caregiving leave. You can't help what happens in your life, and we all need some kind of help when something drastic happens. This is why I strongly support paid family leave, including time for family caregiving, so that families don’t have to struggle to be there when they are needed most, like mine did. I know there are millions of families struggling like ours and that a strong paid family leave policy that includes time to care for sick family members would make all the difference in the world like it would for us.


Courtney’s Experience

New Orleans, LA

Welcoming a new baby into the family was the most beautiful moment I’ve ever experienced. I was so thankful to have paid leave, which allowed us to bond with our little bundle of joy without the stress of missing pay. Every family deserves the opportunity to enjoy this special time. Recovering from childbirth and caring for a newborn can be overwhelming and no family should have to cope with the added worry of missing a paycheck.


Keith’s Experience

New Orleans, LA

Twenty-three years ago, my wife Luanne and I were blessed by the birth of our wonderful daughter Camille. At the time, Luanne worked for a Fortune 500 company, which included paid maternity leave as a benefit for its employees. I cannot underscore enough how important this was for our family throughout the entire 12 weeks that Luanne was at home with our daughter. Paid leave enabled us to focus on the demands of parenting a newborn, as well as Luanne’s C-section recovery, without the added stress and anxiety of worrying about how we were going to be able to make ends meet. When Luanne returned to work following her paid leave, she was happy, well rested, and motivated to get back to business, with a renewed commitment and loyalty to her employer. She continued working for the company for eight more years and produced even better results for the enterprise than she had in the 3 years prior to her pregnancy. In fact, she received a bevy of major awards and recognitions for her high-level work, and was widely recognized as a role model for the kind of dedication and commitment the company hoped from all of its employees. Both Luanne and I heavily credit the company’s commitment to its employees and their families as a major motivating factor throughout the remainder of her employment.